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Car Park Solutions - space-saving and safe parking

Save space when parking cars with the Lödige car park solutions. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, we develop, realise and upgrade transportation and parking solutions for a single car through to over a thousand. Our diverse product variants can be adapted to individual requirements and integrated perfectly into both new and existing buildings.

With in-depth specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, we create space for safe, convenient parking. Our car park solutions are easy to operate and feature a high level of system reliability. Incorporating your specific requirements is very important to us and we work with you to develop solutions for indoor and outdoor systems.

Tailor-made car park solutions

Parking solutions for a variety of buildings

Lödige car lifts series offers a wide range of solutions that enable vertical car transportation. These solutions render space-consuming, expensive ramps and ascents superfluous.


Comfortable parking with high-performance technology: The Lödige car parking systems are individually planned and realized depending on the structural and technical requirements as well as customer preference.


Fully automated car park system CUBILE S (DOKK1, Aarhus)

Key figures


cars have been parked in the fully automated public car park system DOKK1 (Aarhus, Denmark) since summer 2015

107seconds - average parking time since july 2016
123seconds - average retrieval time since july 2016


Car park solutions for 1 up to 1000 cars

Car park system in DOKK1
Car Park System CUBILE S
DOKK1, Aarhus (Denmark)
Car Park System - Project BLOX
Car Park System CUBILE S
BLOX, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Car park system in Duderstadt
Car Park System CUBILE P
Hotel, Duderstadt (Germany)
Car lift without a pit
Car lift PEGASOS
Cinema Luxor, Bensheim (Germany)

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